Please note: Products other than toilet tissue are not allowed in sewer system
Multiple service trips resulting from prohibited matter will be at customer’s expense

MC & Visa Accepted in office or by phone during office hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.
Auto Draft Monthly payments taken out of your checking or savings account. Forms are available at the office or on the Customer Service tab. Written request is required to terminate this service.
Returned Checks A fee will be applied to the account when a check or auto draft is returned by your bank for any reason.
Shut Offs Accounts with a past due balance are subject to disconnect without further notice. This fee will be applied to the account when the disconnect work order leaves the office. If water is disconnected for non-payment, service may be restored the same day only if paid in full (including fee) by 3:00 pm.
Tampering Only District staff & Board Approved Contractors are allowed in meter pits. This includes turning meters off or on. This fee will be applied if tampering is detected.

The District will not be responsible for mail delivery